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Our highly skilled technicians specialize in termite and moisture damage repairs to your under-structure. This is all we do. No windows, doors or additions.

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Where most companies offer one service for every house, we will design a pest control solution based on your needs and concerns.

Seasonal Concern: Rodents

Fall and winter are rodent season. Rats and mice will enter your home and nest in walls, floors, attics and even furniture. Click the quick contact form to the right for a free inspection.

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We offer a truly full termite control solution by offering termite baits, granule treatments as well as traditional liquid applications.

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When you have an ant problem, you really know it. Ants stream in from doors or windows, or sometimes they just appear on kitchen surfaces or in your pantry or cabinets without any sign of how they got in. But once they’re in your home, ant extermination becomes a must before the infestation gets any worse! Universal Pest & Termite Elite offers highly effective ant control in Newport News Williamsburg, Hampton, VA and surrounding cities. There are many types of DIY ant control products, but they don’t work equally well on all species of ants -- and there are many types of ants that can set up a colony in your home. If you see winged ants, it’s time to call the ant exterminators at Universal Pest right away! That’s because winged ants are often a sign that a new colony is being established. A colony can contain as many as 300,000-500,000 ants, and that’s not something you want sharing your home with your family.  For truly effective ant extermination in Newport News, trust Universal Pest & Termite Elite. We make sure to not only kill the ants you see, but also destroy the colony so the ants will not come back. Give us a call today before your ant infestation gets any worse!

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