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Safety is the most important part of ant pest control. Universal Pest & Termite Elite offers our exclusive Border-Guard pest control program that's puts the focus on keeping ants out of your house in the first place.

Ant pest control can be a difficult task not only for a home owner but also for a professional. If the wrong material is applied in the wrong location the problem can actually be made worse. Ant nest can divide leaving you with a larger pest problem than original. Did you know that not all ants are created equal? In our area there are many different kinds of ants that require types of treatments. Allow our family at Universal Pest & Termite Elite to protect your family and home including pets against ants and other unwanted pest invaders. 

Safe Ant Control For Your Family

Ant Pest Control


We offer a no-hassle free return policy. If the ants return in between your regularly scheduled services, so will we. No questions asked and no charge to you. Call or click today for a no hassle estimate and inspection.

We offer IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This is a technique that limits the amount of pesticide applied in and around your home for ants and other unwanted pest. We caulk entry points where ants enter and nest.

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