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Explanation of Your Termite Warranty

Explanation of Your Termite Warranty
Universal Pest & Termite Elite, in some instances, will offer a limited optional renewable termite warranty as part of a termite service contract. Any warranty provided for a new/qualified termite infestation is subject to the limitations and restrictions set forth within the agreement and it is understood that the service agreement offered by Universal Pest & Termite Elite represents the entire agreement between Universal Pest & Termite and the purchaser and no other representations or statements will be binding upon the purchaser and Universal Pest & Termite Elite. 
Please refer to the guarantee portion of your agreement for a full explanation of coverage.

Standard Guarantee Issued by Universal Pest:
"Renewable Subterranean Termite Re-Treatment Guarantee" 
This guarantee is limited to re-treatment only. Under this guarantee, Universal Pest & Termite Elite does not repair any termite damage to the structure covered or contents within. This guarantee is not transferable. Please review your contract for a full explanation of guarantee.

Explanation of Performance forWDIR /Termite Reports
Upon request form the customer, Universal Pest & Termite Elite will perform inspections and issue reports for the purpose of a real estate closing or refinancing. As indicated in the report, this report is provided based on the visual findings at the time of inspection and the inspection being performed is a non-probative inspection that does not include moving furnishings, insulation or fixed items. It is understood that because of the nature of termite infestations, there is always a possibility there could be a hidden termite infestation or termite damage.  If the inspector deems the attic, crawl space or living areas unsafe, Universal Pest & Termite Elite will exclude these areas from being included in the report. It is understood NO TERMITE WARRANTY IS OFFERED OR IMPLIED AS PART OF THESE INSPECTIONS OR REPORTS  and Universal may choose to offer a warranty at a later date if the home qualifies. Fees for these inspections are due at closing or within 30 days of inspection which ever comes first. If for whatever reason the real estate transaction falls through, all fees should be paid within 30 days of inspection by the party who ordered such inspection.

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