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Mosquito Pest Control

Universal Pest & Termite Elite offers yard mosquito reduction and mosquito repellent for your yard during the active mosquito season. Serving Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg and surrounding areas. Why do we say " Mosquito Reduction "?  Mosquitoes can travel daily up to two miles depending on the wind which means exclusion is impossible. We treat where mosquitoes hide in the shrubs and damp areas of the yard. Some choose to use insect repellent when venturing outside. A proper mosquito reduction service can have up to a 95% effective rate in your yard. 

1. Sweat: Mosquitoes need water to reproduce, and they are naturally attracted to areas with higher humidity levels. 
2. Dark Clothing: Research shows that mosquitoes are most attracted to dark colors. 
3. People who eat a lot of potassium and salt.
4. Perfume and Scented Lotions: Fragrances are known to attract mosquitoes. 
5. Drinking Alcohol: Some experts believe drinking alcohol makes your skin give off a chemical that attracts mosquitoes. 
6. Blood type: According to a 2004 study, people with type O blood were a whole 83 percent more likely to attract mosquitoes than any other blood type.

Universal Pest offers yard mosquito reduction services with no long term contracts.

We offer one time service for a special event you may be having in the back yard this weekend as well as regular protection with services approximately every 21 days that includes emergency re-treatments is needed between regular services 

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