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Our termite exterminating service is comprehensive, and we make use of a number of termite control treatments. With termite baits, traditional liquid applications and granule treatments, we provide a total termite control solution that is highly effective at ridding your home of these expensive and invasive pests!

Termite inspection

Why Universal Pest?
We offer all findings in writing, digital pic's as well as our "Best Price" guarantee. We beat any written estimate by 10%. Why pay more when you can get the best termite control for less 

We take pride in our A+ rating with the BBB along with our long standing relationship with the Susan G Koman Foundation of Tidewater. Supporting a find for the cure. 

Top rated termite damage repairs

​​​Termite Control by Universal Pest & Termite Elite  

Once we have taken care of your termite problem, we can then undo the damage they have caused. Our trained technicians can perform repairs to the understructure of your house to correct termite or moisture damage.

Call Universal Pest Elite today for our termite exterminating service in Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Va. and surrounding areas. 

What we offer
Universal offers conventional liquid termite treatments as well termite baiting and low odor termite materials. Safe and effective termite control by Universal Pest & Termite. 

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top rated termite exterminating service

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Termites can be tiny -- as small as just a few millimeters in length to about a centimeter. But the damage they can do can be enormous. If you suspect you have a termite infestation, call Universal Pest & Termite Elite today for a free inspection! We offer not only termite extermination and control in Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg and surrounding areas, but we can also repair the damage they have done to the understructure of your home.

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